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Primary School Testimonials

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This was the sixth year we had Ben in our school to talk to our Y6 children, and once again he didn’t disappoint. The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at his wonderful photos and video clips, and listening to his tales. He linked his talk brilliantly to our topic 'Climb Every Mountain' and was extremely inspirational to everyone. The excitement and genuine interest of the children was evident, through the Q & A session that followed. Thank you Ben, and see you next year!


Sharon Kevan - Year 6 teacher - Golftyn CP School - March 2016




Just wanted to send you a quick message to say how inspired the children (and adults!) were as a result of your visit today. We had parents evening tonight and thought you would find it of interest that so many parents commented on what a great day their children had learning from you.

So many of them stated that they would have loved to have been there themselves, showing how enthusiastic the children must have been when telling their parents about their day.

Sue Dilks - Headteacher - Brushwood Junior School - November 2015



Ben was an absolute inspiration to our children. He kept them captivated and held their interest for ages. The questions they asked were a brilliant reflection of his talk, and the adults were also overwhelmed with his achievements. A stunning presentation and a wonderful message given to all - ‘with determination and a desire to succeed, you can achieve anything in life’.

Sally Clark - Headteacher - Bardsey Primary School - October 2015



Thank you, Ben, for the most inspirational assembly. Our children were enthralled. Our Reception Classes have never sat still for so long and their attention was fully on you for the whole of your presentation. Our Year 6 pupils now all want to explore, climb and push themselves to ‘be the best they can be’. Quite a feat speaking to such a diverse age range but, with just the right amount of humour, the perfect pace and some great video clips, you had the whole school gripped. We loved it and look forward to welcoming you back with more tales of your newest adventures in the not too distant future.

Janet Bass - Deputy Head - Laxton Junior School - September 2014



Thank you for your inspirational presentation. The messages were powerful and completely akin with our values. Your daring to succeed, meticulous training and preparation, perseverance and team spirit filled us with respect and motivation. Your story made us all gasp in awe yet reflect on the wonders of nature and our own capacity to push ourselves that bit further.

Ben Sevenson - Headteacher - Marton Primary School - March 2014



Ben came to St Michael's CE Primary School amid great anticipation, and thankfully all our expectations were met. He pitched his assembly perfectly to children between 5-11 years old and followed this up with invaluable workshops in each of our classrooms. He spoke passionately about the need for children to be ambitious in life and treat our planet as a world to be discovered. The children talked about his visit for many days afterwards and still mention his feats and achievements.

Giles Floyd - St Michael’s CE Primary School - Enfield - March 2014



Ben was hugely inspirational! We are spreading the word about him and we will certainly be inviting him back in the future.

Simon Perkins - Headteacher - Long Whatton CE Primary School  Loughborough - February 2014



What an inspiration to young and old!! The buzz in the staffroom as well as in the classrooms and playground is tantamount to the impact you had on us all this morning! Thank you for adapting your presentation exactly to what we have been working on in school, developing work ethic and creativity. A highlight of 2014 already!!

Lisa Cassidy - Deputy Headteacher - St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy - Welton - January 2014



It was wonderful to have someone deliver such a positive message, having a real impact on the pupils, leaving them truly inspired! I hope to see you again in the future.

Sara Stanley - Assistant Headteacher - Northwick Manor Primary School - November 2013



I first heard Ben speak at a Headteachers’ Conference, when he thoroughly enthused, entertained and inspired a group of adults. Having booked him to speak to the children at Ellingham I was sure that we were in for a fantastic day - and we were! Thank you for givingour pupils plenty to talk to Ofsted about!  

Mrs Sarah Creegan - Headteacher - Ellingham Primary School - Greater London - September 2013



Thanks Ben for a great presentation - to have over 350 children gripped for an hour was amazing! A super well planned presentation with some great photos, videos and thoughtful slides, delivered in a manner which engaged even our Year 1 pupils.

Mr Lewis - Our Lady's Bishop Eton Primary School - June 2013



This is Ben’s second year running to speak to our Year 6 classes and, once again, he had everyone open mouthed when listening to him speak. The presentation provides an ideal opportunity to plan a unit of work around Ben’s visit, touching on aspects of PE, Literacy, PSHCE and Art. The work our children produced following his visit was, once again, of high quality because of the input they received and the inspiration they gained.

Ieuan Griffiths - Year 6 teacher - Malden Manor Primary School - February 2013



Ben related well with the children (Y2 – Y6) and with his excellent presentation he really captured the imagination of the children, conveying some vital messages to them about life skills, believing in themselves and having aspirations for the future.

Jane Hodgson - Headteacher - Upperby Primary School - Carlisle - January 2013



The photography and video footage captivated the children, but behind the presentation was the excellent and clear message that anyone can achieve their goals, and that life is not in a rehearsal - we only get one chance.

Craig Elliott - Headteacher - Navenby Primary School - Lincolnshire - March 2012



Ben was an inspiration to not only the children, but to the staff at our school too!  We booked Ben to fit in with our ‘Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning’ theme entitled "Going for Goals". As one member of staff stated "he was a great find!"

Debbie Clarke - Headteacher - Alston & Nenthead Primary Schools - Cumbria - February 2012



At All Saints we like to start each topic with a “WOW! Day” and what a wow it was. Jaw dropping photos accompanied by a clear and engaging narrative kick started the children’s enthusiasm for this term’s topic – “Into the unknown”. Your presentation was perfectly pitched and well paced. Holding Year 5 and Year 6 pupils captive for an hour is no mean feat but the detail you put into your presentation, and the well choreographed photos seemed to take them on the journey with you. I was impressed with the way you picked up on our topic title and gave the children plenty to think about for their own work. The question and answer session after the presentation was informative and great fun. Your passion for climbing really shone through and gave the children an insight into what it takes to become world class at something. Thank you for sharing part of your journey with us.

Paul Hayward - Headteacher - All Saints School - Bednall - Staffordshire - June 2011



The talk was truly inspirational, flowing seamlessly while the pictures drew audible gasps from the children at almost every slide. A brilliant introduction to our ‘Reach for the stars’ week, with a visitor that genuinely made an impact.

Catherine Aden - Headteacher - St James C.E Primary School - Wardle - May 2011



Your talk had the children pinned to the floor and talking with excitement in the classrooms long after you had left us!

Zita McCormick - Headteacher - Seven Fields Primary School - Swindon - March 2011



Ben, I just wanted to thank you again for an outstanding talk today. We were all amazed by your remarkable achievements, and you pitched it perfectly for our P7 pupils. It hit the mark on so many levels and your messages of challenging yourself, resilience, perseverance, team work and 'the future depends on what we do today' set an ideal tone for our conference day. Wonderful and engrossing!

Lucy Gallagher - Deputy Head - Sciennes Primary School - Edinburgh - September 2010